Monday, October 29, 2007

Boyfriend Criteria

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stephlipecky said...

Sasha!!! I got my book today! It's so weird seeing my lists in print, and page 111 is just wonderful! Thank you so much for the copy, and on my blog I have encouraged others to buy a copy of the book. :)

Best wishes to you... the book looks GREAT, and not just because my lists are included. I'm sure it will be a huge success; I'll be saving my new lists for to-do-list 2!

Sasha said...

hey stephanie, glad you got yours too! yes, the to-do list project continues. who knows what kinds of books there will be in the future, so please hold on to your lists. yours are gems.

Anonymous said...

I love it.

"Assertive" yet "cooperative," ie, confused

"Darns his own socks." ie, poor (who can't afford new socks?)

"Spontaneous," yet "has his own plans." ie, chaotic

This sounds like one of those just-broke-up-with-someone lists. Fun stuff.

How would I send you one of my own quirky lists?

Unknown said...

send it as a jpeg to todolistblog at! or the real thing to to-do list, po box 40128, sf, ca 94110! looking forward to it.

James & Andrea said...

I love "apple eater" and "naps occasionally." I have to admit, those never made it on MY boyfriend criteria lists! My husband doesn't eat apples much, but does nap occasionally.

ME said...

I love this list.... my own is a mere 70 items long... and still incomplete. My mom says I have no hope:D

Anonymous said...

>my own is a mere 70 items long... and still incomplete

I learned something in a recruiting seminar which I think can help. The speaker said that if you had more than 5 must-have criteria (to fill a job), you would eliminate the entire United States. Most of what we have on our lists are "nice to haves," but not deal-breakers.

Though it's a little crass to think of it as mate-shopping, that's what we're doing (in this context), so why not be clear-headed about it? ;)


1. Has integrity (is reliable and honest). You can observe this over time, but you can't know it up front.

2. Is fun to talk to (most of any relationship is talking, so this covers compatible level of education and interests). This is something you can figure out quickly.

3. Someone I find physically attractive (this is highly dependent on #1 and #2... an average-looking person becomes much more attractive if she has those traits).

4. Has not been divorced multiple times (we all make mistakes, but if there are 2+, I'd worry that the person wasn't really suited for marriage).

5. Is self-sufficient (i.e., wants to be with me, not needs to be with me). I've done the knight on a white horse thing (by my own choosing), but I'm a little wiser now.

Beyond that, I have to be flexible (as does she) or we'll never connect. I think anyone with those five traits is worth working out the details. ;)

P.O.M. said...

I just found your site. Love it. I am seriously sending in a list that has been in my dayplanner for almost a year. It's also a boyfriend criteria list. I swear writing down the list is what made me find him :)

Kris Ardent said...

p.o.m. - i agree. my boyfriend-criteria list helped keep me focused, and easily identify unsuitable mates ("makes me feel loved" is a great must-have). when i met the husband, my list started to look like an order form.


How very true !

Andy said...

Not taking naps. That's a serious deal-breaker, right there. :-)

It sounds as though the author had a chilly fall evening in mind when she wrote this list.

pleasant day diversions said...

Ok Sasha - the truth must come out! This is my list, and I wrote it at 21. Now 28 I think a new updated list is in order. In particular, the ideal girlfriend list. I learned after holding onto this list for so long, that I was looking for the wrong thing - boys!
I've been out for about a year now, and my girlfriend is a wonderful partner who is a tea-drinking apple eater who takes naps occasionally. (But she doesn't darn her socks ;)

pleasant day diversions said...

PS. Thanks for the book Sasha - ya done good!