Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Secret Wisdom of Listmakers, Part Two: The Magic of Writing It Down

When was the last time you wrote something down on your to-do list, and the item just magically happened soon after, without even any effort on your part? Now that is the magic of a list. I just that kind of magical to-do experience and I must share it.

I was locking the door on my apartment when I realized that there is an urgent to-do item that I keep forgetting. I whipped out my phone to log it: "find credit card or get new one." Since Sunday my preferred credit card has been MIA. I felt more calm having written down "find card" in my list app, though, knowing that I had set a deadline: if I didn't find the card by the end of the week I would cancel it. (I have already verified no one is using the card. There have been no extravagant shoe-shopping trips or tickets booked to London.)

Before I got in my car, I decided to take a look underneath the driver's seat for my special gluten-free lip gloss. The lip gloss dropped while I was driving two days ago, and pang went my heart: as a celiac, it's no simple matter finding safe lip gloss and I wanted to find it. What do I find, lo and behold, as I peered under the bucket seat of Martha, my car? The credit card! That problem is solved, and I can already cross it off, just two minutes after logging the item. All I had to do was write "find credit card" and the card boomeranged back into my life. How can I not believe in the magic of writing down an item on my list? I even found the lip gloss too, in the back seat. Double joy.

What about you? Has this every happened for you . . . you wrote something down on a list, and then it just happened with little effort on your part?


Anonymous said...

Yes, this kind of thing happens for me all the time. I want something and I write it down and then it just happens. Lists are powerful ways to focus an intention.

Raymon Bledsoe said...

Great post, I have so many tasks that I have to get done for my businesses that with out having a TO DO list I get so lost. I have to pay this forward so others may be inspired by you. I love that you are a to-do-listologist. also I noticed that you do not have a share widget on your blog. the standard share tab you have only allows for a few networks. just a suggestion :)