Do you need a thought-provoking, entertaining speaker for your Keynote?

I give talks about what our to-do lists reveal about us, and how we can use our lists to be happier and more productive at the same time. I've given talks at Google, the Commonwealth Club, Boston College, CU-Boulder, Grace Cathedral, Adaptive Path, EasilyDo, Omega Institute, University of San Francisco, Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing, EPIC, and numerous Bay Area tech startups.
We can even create a "List Slam," which is like a poetry slam, but people share their lists.
"After a List Slam with Sasha, you'll change the way you feel about lists--you'll never dread them and you'll know that your lists are a source of amusement for someone out there."--Hetal Pandya, co-founder, EasilyDo, the do-it-all smartphone personal assistant
Here are some fun facts about listmaking from my unique research that I enjoy sharing. Here's a talk I gave at Google about what our lists reveal about us.


To talk to me about doing a Keynote for your workplace or organization, email me at sasha AT sashacagen DOT com.