Todolistology Coaching

"Living is a constant process of deciding what we are going to do."--Jose Ortega y Gassett

Are you struggling to get traction on your life or with making decisions?

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your daily life, and not sure what you really want to do?

Do you want help with getting structure and accountability with moving forward with whatever matters most to you? Do you want help with first identifying what matters most?

I have been studying and working with people on their to-do lists for over a decade, and I've developed a unique way of helping individuals and groups through todolistology coaching.

Our lists reveal to us exactly what we want, what's most important, and then the way forward.

You just need to know which lists to write, and how to decode them. That's what we do together through a Todolistology Coaching experience.

Through todolistology coaching you can find:
-- structure and accountability for making forward progress in life
--help with making decisions
--peace of mind knowing that you are on track for what matters most for your life
--both increased productivity and rest

I also provide todolistology coaching services to employees in the workplace.

"When I coached with Sasha, I was considering a life transition. Sasha is able in a very short time to speak out loudly that what you are not able to vocalize yourself. With a new perspective. That's what I'd call a shortcut out of the maze."--Vanessa Oliveiros

"Sasha helped me get unstuck to pursue my passions. If you want dedicated support in creating a more fulfilling life, I highly recommend working with Sasha."--Jennifer Ludders

"Sasha is playful and intelligent, a winning combination for a life coach. She uses both of these skills to help release the all-too-common tension we all are familiar with as adults, while keeping the focus in the session meaningful. This process leads to results, sometimes without even realizing how effortless conquering fears or life-changing decisions can truly be."--Melisa Agocs

Getting started
The first step is to set up an initial assessment session.

If you are ready to take the first step toward clarity and conquering your own list, write me and my todolistology team below.

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