Monday, March 27, 2006

Wanted: Your To-Do Lists for a Book

To-Do List is not just a blog or a magazine. It's going to be a book! TO-DO LIST will be published by Simon & Schuster in fall 2007. TO-DO LIST will be a book of real, handwritten to-do lists with commentary. It will capture the range of mundane and meaningful things we think about in our everyday lives.

I invite you to contribute your lists--ideally, the real, handwritten variety written in the course of your everyday life. We’re interpreting "to-do" broadly. They could be:
garden-variety daily to-do lists
lifelong goals
pros and cons lists
wish lists
ways to deal with insomnia
articles i want to write
boys/girls i have kissed
vocab lists
secrets i have never told anyone
cliches to avoid
things i would do if i win the lottery
classes to take
movies to see
things i like to do alone
lists of any kind

Send your real, handwritten lists to:
P.O. Box 40128
San Francisco, CA 94140
Deadline: July 1, 2006, but the sooner the better.

Tech-savvy? Feel free to send a scan of your list too to But eventually I will need the real thing.

Please include: Your name, mailing address, email address and phone number.

Feel free to include a short note about what was going on in your life when you wrote the list; what prompted you to write it; what does the list mean to you; how do you the feel about the person who you were when you wrote it. No need to write a novel, just a sentence, two or three, handwritten or typed, is fine.

If your list is chosen, I will contact you to interview you about the story behind the list—in other words, what was going on in your life when you wrote it. Your contribution can be anonymous in the published book, so don't hesitate to send in lists with revealing items—those are often the best kind.

Questions? Contact me at


Onira said...

...can i write to you in spanish...?
im from argentina...
your blog is amazing..., and it really like to me....

berill said...

I really like your blog. I'm pretty amazed about the idea, and makes me feel inspired somehow. I feel tempted to start writing my own lists on everything... :O)

RIMAniss! said...

i love your blog, it's really interesting!
what a great idea to make such a creative blog!
i do have a to do list,it's about future boyfriend criteria but it's written on Indonesian Language (i'm Indonesian) so, do i have to translate it to english then send it to you or just send it with original version (in indonesian)
looking forward to read the book, it'll be amazing, CONGRATULATIONS!

Sasha said...

Hi Rimaniss, and anyone else who is considering sending in a list in a language other than English: Send your list in YOUR language and send me a translation in English. I prefer to see the list in its original form. Happy listing, and I look forward to your list!

Dial-Up Princess said...

I really like your blog. It definitely different and interesting. :)

Scott A. Edwards said...

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