Monday, September 12, 2011

2006 Love Resolutions & Criteria of a 24-Year-Old Woman in Jarkarta

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The 2006 Love Resolutions & Criteria.

1. I never want a guy who has hurt me with or without any purpose.
2. I never want a guy who’s the same age as me. At least he is born in 1981.
3. He always rides a car or a motorcycle.
4. He has been working in a company. Bachelor in Information Technologies, Information Systems, Information Managements, Graphic Designs, and Architecture Engineering with minimum GPA 2,8 out of 4,0 is highly recommended.
5. Has an ideal weight, chubby is more preferred. Doesn’t have to be charming but he has to be good looking (has a good sense in fashion is highly recommended) has a good voice, call and send text regularly, humorist and communicative.
6. He has to be faithful. I don’t want a guy who like flirting to another girl and has an other “too close girlfriends.”
7. He lives in West Jakarta (Kebon Jeruk region is highly recommended). Tangerang is included.


Eebs said...


Vivified Visage said...

Is that a love resolution or a marriage proposal? -_-

Anonymous said...

Five specific (although related) bachelor degrees required? Maybe she meant 'Or'.

Solomon Grundy said...

I like "chubby is preferred." Heh.

Anonymous said...

Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

Gabri said...

i like her handwriting!
it's so cute!

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