Friday, July 28, 2006

Calling Conservative List Makers

As many of you regular list-readers know, I'm working on a book of real people's to-do lists to be published by Simon & Schuster in October 2007. I set up this blog to help collect lists for the book. By now, I have an incredible collection (I've narrowed it down to about 200, so far, from more than 1,000 lists). But what I am lacking are lists from Republicans, conservatives, red state types, and born-agains. I want the book to be a time capsule of sorts of the entire country (and even the world) and so. . . I'm asking for your help in the blogosphere to spread the word to your right-leaning friends and relatives help make the book diverse.

So, do you have any relatives, friends, or acquaintances who are Bush supporters, from red states, born-again Christians, Evangelicals, etc.? Please help me by sending them a link to this blog and asking them for their lists.

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Anonymous said...

But how do you know that you don't already have those people represented. Afterall, I am fairly sure that you could not deduce the political leanings, religious affiliation or geographic location of the authors of many of the lists featured here... That's sort of the beauty of it in a way. These lists are often life stripped bare of the external facade we should to others.