Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Deadline Extended

Hark! I'm extending the deadline for lists for inclusion in the To-Do List book to September 15. So don't fret, if you haven't sent yours in, please still send them in! You can send lists after September 15 too, but those will only be considered for the blog. Please include a few notes about the circumstances in your life when you wrote the list, your name, phone number, email address, and address.
You can send me lists of any kind, but I also want to let you know I am looking for particular lists to round out the collection.
Spread the word!

**Lists I Especially Want**
(Bonus points for sending these)

1. New Year's Resolutions
2. Guy Lists
3. Guy-Guy Lists (Lists witten by guys that are stereotypically male or macho in some way)
4. Woman of My Dreams lists (I have scads of lists written by women
about the man of their dreams, but nothing from a man about his ideal mate. Could also be Man of My Dreams if written by a man.)
5. Health lists (i.e. things to talk about with your doctor, coping with an illness, or ways to take care of yourself)
6. Dream Jobs
7. Work-related Lists
8. Kid Lists
9. Parent Lists
10. Things You Hate
11. Financial/Money-related Lists

I would also love to hear from:
1. Prisoners
2. Soldiers
3. Elderly people
4. Nurses and doctors
5. Patients
6. Truckers
7. Firefighters
8. Rodeo people
9. Bikers
10. Boxers
11. Competitive eaters
12. Bus drivers
13. Promise keepers
14. Ministers, etc.
15. People in preparation for an event
16. Burning man people
17. Weightlifters
18. Race car drivers
19. Moustache growers
20. Aspiring child stars
21. Men's therapy groups
22. Therapists
23. Spelling bee contestants
24. Business owners
25. Adult film stars
26. Transgender people


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