Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Most Wanted Lists

The deadline for sending lists for inclusion in the book is approaching: September 15. In that last-minute spirit, I wanted to let you know that there are a few holes I am hoping to plug. I am especially looking for New Year's Resolutions, life plans (lists where you're trying to figure out what to do with your life), and romantic-love-related lists written by men. I have heaps of love lists written by women and am trying to answer the question, do men write these lists at all? I think they do, I just have only gotten a few so far. I'm not asking for any lists manufactured for publication. I want the real thing. But I figure I'm more likely to get what I want if I ask for it.

Thanks to everyone who has been bombarding me with amazing lists! The book is going to be spectacular thanks to you.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know how else to contact you, so I'm leaving a comment.

On a 8-hour trip from here to Washington, D.C., my friends and I wrote a list of 101 Things To Do Before You Die that ended up being much longer than 101. I don't have it, and school doesn't start for another week, but mail out of here is kind of slow. Point being, it may not get to you before the deadline. However, I think it's really worth having it. It's a good list.

You can contact me at (please contact me once you have read this comment so I can edit out the email address or delete it, because I'm totally obsessive about internet security. It's my mother's fault). Thanks a lot!

-- Devan K.
Calgary, Alberta

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe you can use some of the profits from your book to reimburse subscribers who got screwed out of their subscription money when you folded your magazine. That'd be great. Especially since you haven't bothered to answer any e-mails about the magazine (or our money) since it folded. Ah, professionalism. You should try it.

Sasha said...
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Sasha said...

Hi Devan and anyone else,

You can write me at with lists attached as jpegs or mail them to PO Box 40128, SF, CA 94140. All the details for what and how to send are posted on the right-hand front page of the blog.


Sasha said...

Hi anonymous,

Please email me at and we can work it out. Let me know how many issues you signed up for (two or four) and how many you didn't receive. As an independent magazine, we hit a tough patch--as you probably realize, no one who worked on To-Do List ever got paid for their efforts (working for free), and the magazine was produced as a labor of love, with the founders in debt when it went on hiatus. (It's a great struggle to get an independent magazine off the ground without funding.)

I would certainly like to make it up to you, and I apologize if your email got lost in the shuffle.


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