Monday, October 30, 2006

To-Do Lists on Paper or on the Computer?

Do you use online To-Do List programs? Or Outlook, or a PDA, or another electronic way of keeping track of your to-dos? What do you see as the advantages of doing so as opposed to keeping your lists on paper? I have a lot of perspectives from people who prefer the magic of scribbling out their lists on paper but would be curious to hear from some people who prefer electronic methods of organization. Write me if that's you!


Marissa said...

I use both, paper at home, but mainly the Outlook Task List at work. I like it because you have the option of leaving your completed tasks crossed off on your screen, so at the end of the day I get that feeling of accomplishment seeing all the things I've finished. Plus it's a great way to remember to do the stupid little things that I need to do every week/month/day/year. And it's way easier to set up a recurring thing to do on Outlook than to write it on a list over and over again (if it's a daily thing I have to do). But at home, it's scraps of paper all the way. Maybe because I don't have so many "recurring" things to do at home. :)

SierraNightTide said...

I use both but mostly the pc such as Outlook and my cell phone

Jey said...

Cute project.

I used to use paper, my diary and any other bit of paper surrounding me was a mess.

I now use my pda synced with Outlook.
I have the week divided into Mon, Tues, Wed; Thur, Fri; and the Weekend as reoccurring tasks. Copy and pasting functions are often used.
I also keep my budget in Pocket Excel, my shopping list in the notes section and use the calendar for extra important dates and appointments.

It saves a lot of time and you can delete things as they are done or move them if you have to rearrange things. I'm an organisational freak and my partner got me the PDA as my diary was terribly chaotic.
Electronically is much neater as long as you always back-up and regularly sync your data.

smacky said...

I need a thing that beeps at me, so the pda wins. At work I use Outlook for stuff in the future that I need to be beeped at for and paper for stuff that needs to be done today or tomorrow.

Tamsen said...

Paper if I'm not at work (where my only access to computer/internet is). I like the feeling of paper, and crossing it off with a pen angrily or joyously.

I love writing in the online blog/journal though, because I feel it gives me a sense of relief to type out the list and realize it's somewhere I can access it quickly and not lose it, like a piece of paper. I usually write in the online diary thus, to not forget it and go to sleep easier, knowing I can forget it and read it tomorrow if necessary.

Time Freedom Fighter said...
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Anonymous said...

I use the calendar in my cell phone for appointments.

Brian said...

Keynote is the list makers program.

I swear... If you make lists you will become addicted to this program!


waffletchnlgy said...

I've used Freemind to brainstorm and create related todo lists