Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dr. Sasha Is In

What’s the underlying gist of your to-do list? Ask Dr. Sasha, the world’s leading to-do-list-o-lo-gist.

Why go to a therapist or a psychic to understand yourself when you can just as easily go to a to-do-list-o-lo-gist? For the rest of 2007, send me a scanned jpeg of your to-do list (or life list, ideal mate list, Christmas list, etc.) I’ll analyze your list and post the results on this blog. Learn what your list says about you. Get a deeper understanding of yourself. This special FREE offer is only good until December 31, 2007. Get in now before 2008, when it will cost you $25 to get your list interpreted by Dr. Sasha.

How do you participate? It’s easy. Just send me a scanned jpeg of your list to todolistblog AT Don’t tell me anything about yourself in the email. I want to discover your aura, your inner turmoil, and your hopes and dreams from the list itself. I’ll analyze selected lists and post results on a weekly basis on Monday evenings.

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