Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gratitude Lists

I unabashedly love Thanksgiving (here's an essay I wrote two years ago exploring why). One of my favorite parts of the holiday is the corny ritual of going around the table to say what you are grateful for. In that spirit, I invite you to send me your gratitude lists, either written this year or in years past. Share what you are grateful for in list form. I'll post gratitude lists on Thanksgiving. Handwritten, scanned (not photographed) jpegs are best. Mail to todolistblog AT gmail.com. Happy listing and happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. If you are sans scanner or your handwriting is too illegible to share, post your gratitude list in the comments.


mememe said...

you are a todolistologist...are u in te process of becoming a

but well...reading a book on that would also be perfect...hey i'll send u a letter..promise me u'll publish that...hahaha....

Darby Shafter said...

If you want a great planner to keep your "To Do" lists on, go to Paper Assistant to download handy little planner.

Anissa said...

I loved your book (just devoured it after receiving from amazon.com) and will become a devotee to your site, as I have to the PostSecret site. Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one "out there" that does some of the list-related things I do! Look forward to sharing some of mine with you soon. Have a great holiday from www.anissastein.com

Tracey said...

I am thankful for:


My family and friends

A wonderful job with great opportunity

my horses

my health

for living in a country where I take for granted freedoms that many others only dream of.

for weight watchers...to help me get rid of the turkey and fattening stuff I KNOW I am going to eat today!

For friends that tell me I look like I have lost more weight even when I KNOW for a fact (scales don't lie) I have not.

Anonymous said...

Love your site - I'm a compulsive listmaker too! And because I'm a blog-geek as well, my list of things I'm thankful for is here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Elyse said...

- For every house/apartment/dorm room I can really call home.
- For all my friends, those I haven't talked to in a while, or don't talk to at all.
- For my older brothers, always here for me.
- For my mom and dad, amazing.
- For my little brother, I don't need a reason.
- For the rest of my family.
- For my teachers, from kindergarten to now, piano and academic.
- For my mentors and everyone that has taught me something about life.
- For one particularly generous, rich, Texan (the reason I can go to college).
- For Country music.
- For Debussey.
- For all music that provides my inspiration for life.
- For B-25 Airplanes.
- For faith.
- For purpose, deliberance, and fate (not in the pessimistic sense).
- For optimism (on that note).
- For the residents in my residence hall.
- For everything I've been blessed with in life.
- For opportunities to share what I've been blessed with.
- For every sunrise and sunset, the stars, moon, and sun.
- For a day specifically to remind me how blessed I am.

... I have alot to be thankful for...

btw -- awesome blog.

Noor said...

though it's late I'd like to share the things I'm gratful for :)

-My loving family, can't live without them
-My friends, the ones I can truly trust and love unconditionlly
-The air I breathe
-The books that I read
-The blisses I'm blessed to have, a shelter, food, clean water, clothes and so much more
-The place I live in
-The hope I have for this world
and most importantly I'm grateful for God...

Special K said...

I made a list of things I'm thankful for in pictures. It's on my blog, here.