Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Plan (Whatever happens this holiday season, keep basting that turkey!)

Click on the list to enlarge!
This is one of the 100 lists that you will find in To-Do List. In the book, you get the list and the story behind it. (I interviewed each person about what was going on in their lives when they wrote the list and why they wrote it.)


Suresh Babu. Sarasota SEO said...

Very Interesting.
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Chris said...

Hi, I'm curious to know if you ever delved into the medical to do list. In medicine, from new students to seasoned surgeons, we make lists of tasks for patients and put boxes next to the. As you complete tasks, you fill the boxes (mor people fill boxes like on a SAT, then check boxes.) This leaves the task still visible, not crossed out. That way, if you have checked Mr. Jones potassium, you can fill the box and still have a note that the potassium was 5.7. When all boxes are filled, you have achieved "euboxia". Many medical professionals have moved onto palmtop platforms. The best to-do programs preserve this boxy aspect, and were probably written by doctors!



The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

This is a FABULOUS blog!!!

I am a total LIST MAKER... it drives my husband absolutely nuts... I just really enjoy checking things off a list as I accomplish them... LOL!

Soooo glad that I am not alone in this world of list makers!

Inky Smiles!

ECody said...

I think i have to go get this book of yours! It would be fun to see what people have to do in their lives... besides im sure its funny!

Good Job!

Peter said...

I LOVE this blog! Just came across it! Gonna look out for your book in the UK.

Sarah said...

If you still recieve lots of to-do lists you should make like postsecret and add a few to-do lists a week for everyone to read. postsecret inticed me so much that i bought the books. im sure you can do the same. i think it would definately be worth your while

stat30fbliss said...

Congrats on the book. And may we list on!

Erin said...

Long live the lists!

My coworkers were recently making fun of me because I planned my Thanksgiving day on Excel all the way down to the time the turkey goes in and cross-referenced with what goes in the oven, out of the fridge, etc.

I had to laugh outloud when I saw this post.

Sasha said...

Hey Chris, I haven't gotten any medical lists of tasks to perform for patients, but it would certainly be interesting to see some (names could be crossed out). Your blog is really interesting. . .

Suresh, no podcast for now but I will consider it!

Larry said...


My daughter worked with a scheduled list she made and things went of smoothly.

I have also been in situations where there was no list and a lot of tension in the kitchen. No need for that if you know when and what from a trusty list!