Monday, December 10, 2007

Stuff to Do When I'm Old


Clutter Chonny said...

This list makes me hope that I can find this person when I'm old too. I make a mean shirt out of puffy paint. Plus, I feel I could lend my bedazzling skills to the project, though I would write much more profane things on my shirts and explain it away with my increasing senility. Who's with me?!

Stella said...

All this t-shirt stuff made me think of my friend who had one with "Apocalypse..." and then below it - in a list with check boxes - "Now, Sometime Today, Tomorrow"

Princess Haiku said...

I always think of lists when I come here.

-water the willow tree inside
-bring in the two giant outdoor plants as it will freeze tonight.
-Take some of that chocolate pudding next door as you won't eat it in time.
-Finish reading "Halting state" by Charles Stross"
-play the etudes on page 12 three times each.
-call S.
-call, call, call....
-turn off cell for the night and remember to listen to Sarah Chang on KDFC at 8PM

LGB said...

how do i post a list in your blog