Friday, December 21, 2007

To-Do List on Talk of the Nation! Call in. . . !

Hope you're enjoying the last few days before Christmas! Here’s something you can do while baking cookies, wrapping presents, or recovering from a hangover . . .

I'll be on NPR's Talk of the Nation Monday, Christmas Eve 12 noon PT, 3 pm ET! Listen or even CALL in! I'll be on with Neal Conan and other star list-makers featured in the book, talking about lists and what they reveal about us. Listen on your local NPR affiliate or stream it online.

If you miss the live show, you can always listen to the show archived online.

As I head out to do my own last-minute shopping, I should also mention that To-Do List makes a great (and affordable!) stocking stuffer for the listmakers in your life. Pick one up at your local bookstore or order today from Amazon and you can still get it delivered by Monday, Dec. 24. You can pair it with Listography, a beautifully designed and quite adorable new journal for listmakers from the creators of, a cool website where you can create lists. To-Do List provides the inspiration and Listography provides the canvas--any listmaker would be happy to receive these two books, wrapped up with a bow!

UPDATE: Missed the live broadcast? Here's the link to listen online to NPR's Talk of the Nation: What Do Your Lists Say About You?


Suzanne said...

I can't believe more people aren't reading your blog (or commenting!)! I picked up your book this past Wednesday and I have a few pages to go! I LOVE IT! We took a road trip this weekend and I read most of it out loud to my husband. We also made some verbal list from the DIY list ideas!

Thank you for having the clever idea!

Merry Christmas!

BodysurferJan said...

I heard a portion of the NPR broadcast. Thank you.
I am estatic! Today I finished and gave a very personalized applique quilt that was first on one of my to-do lists from over 16 years ago.
My perseverance won out over my desire for perfection. Thanks for turning my thoughts to lists. I'll put reading your book on my next to-do list.
Happy Writing,