Saturday, January 05, 2008

"New Year's Intentions" Collages 2005 and 2007

Here's a collage I made two years ago at a New Year's Collage party. And the second is one that I made on January 1, 2007. (I seem to have taken 2006 off, not really caring about my "intentions" as much that year!)

The idea is to cut out pictures of all the things you want to "manifest" in your life and then to hang the collage somewhere that you'll see it often. Repeat viewings will supposedly prompt, push, or magically create conditions for your desires to happen.

Did it work? I can really only speak to the 2005 one. Not everything happened in 2005, but many have in the two years since. I rented my own office for a while, slept better, obviously published the To-Do List book (that's represented by the little list in the lower-left-hand corner), got a washer-dryer (true adulthood! finally!), and started a nonfiction book club (the realization of a long-standing dream).

I had friends over on Jan. 1 of this year to make collages. You should do it too, and send me a scan of your collage along with the story behind it. It's always fun to cut and paste from stacks of magazines. Make sure the ones you choose have lots of aspirational, beautiful ads in them. This year I had a few too many New Yorkers and not enough fluffy, fantasy-driven magazines. Ha!

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Random me said...

Love the collages, this is actually my first time to look at your blog... what a fascinating idea, I want the book now! Will have to go and see if I can even get it in Ireland... have a feeling I am going to spend far too much time going through all the old posts!