Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Three-Minute Interview

Ready-Set-Go: Apparently the San Francisco Examiner interviewed me in three minutes (though I seem to remember the phone call might have gone on a little longer!). Read all three minutes of conversation here.

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Princess Haiku said...

Sounds like your book projects are really taking off. Congratulations! I also read about the radio gig and that is cool too.

Of course I can't resist leaving an obscure list. So here goes.

Things to do before I go to bed:

1) Blow out the white jar candle from Ancient Ways.

2) Relight the candle and write a note to reserve a library book about understanding ambivalence.

3) Put the lid back on the organic peanut butter jar and brush cracker crumbs off the couch.

4) Prepare to have a lucid dream about visiting Clearwater and splashing in green blue waves. (This is a better idea than flying Southwest Airline)

5) Push back late night memories about the departed and focus on finding two matching black socks for tomorrow morning. (It isn't as easy as you think as black socks fade at different intervals and you can end up with charcoal gray juxtaposed to slightly less than cobalt black.) This is not a dress for success look.

6) Close eyes while brushing teeth and do not think about risks of toothpaste sourced from China.

7) Put on KDFC and prepare to listen to classical music until the commercials start at dawn. (This is prime listening time whether one is asleep or not)

8) Brush pale hair until it snaps with electricity.

Next time I will leave a list of things not to do while sleep walking.

Good-night, Moon.