Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obsessive-Compulsive Chart

What do you think these five acronyms stand for? Whoever comes closest wins a free copy of To-Do List. I'll reveal the author's codes by May 6.


Emily said...

I think it's medications.

Eden said...

Well the title on the paper is "Contacts," so I think maybe it's abbreviations for names of people to contact each day?

Laurie said...


Br - Brush teeth
Fl - Floss
Fb - Feed (dog? cat? bird?)
V - Vitamins
St - Start coffee

Anonymous said...

br- brush teeth
fl- fix lunch
fb- fix breakfast
v- vacuum
st- start another task or list

tracey said...

Br = breakfast

Fb = feed bella (the cat)

Fl = floss teeth

V = take vitamin

St = strength training

and if i'm right this person is a complete wacko! (in the absolute best sense of the word of course).

金太郎 said...
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Missy said...

I think it's a cleaning list.
Br - Bedroom
Fl - Front living room
Fb - Front bath
V - vacuum
St - Stairs

The Mommy Blawger said...

Bread, Fruit?, Fluids, Vegetables, Starch.

Seems to me that of all 5 abbreviations, "V" is the one with the fewest possibilities: vacuum, vegetable, vitamin, vacation, vote, Vajayjay, vinegar, vase, violin, voice, verify, view, visit, visualize, volunteer.

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, it's May 6, please tell us what they are!

Sasha said...

OK, drum roll please--the answer!

The author of the list defined his codes this way:

Br = Did I eat breakfast
Fb = Did I drink my fiber drink
Fl = Did I floss
V = Did I take my vitamins
St = Did I stretch

He noted: "I know I am a bit nutty, but it feels really good to check them (or X them) off each day."

Laurie and Tracey tie with getting three out of five right, so you both win copies of To-Do List! Please email me your mailing address!

Princess Haiku said...

LOL I couldn't figure it out even if I had answered in time.

Thing to Do
after lossing an ocd chart contest

1) remind myself a person is more than the sum total of their prizes (over and over and over)

Anonymous said...

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handbags said...
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Andy said...

Were the entries abbreviated for efficiency's sake or was it because it was coded enough so that people wouldn't figure out what the items are?

I love the concept of this site and the book. I've been somewhat obsessed with To-do lists as well -- I work at Qlubb ( http://www.qlubb.com) which has among many other things a shared to-do list --> the concept of a shared list of things (in one place) to accomplish and focus on, create by the group and managed by the group.

Thanks for a deep dive on a fascinating subject.