Monday, May 13, 2013

Plan FUN this weekend

I love this list for three reasons: 1) the tree illustration exhorting her to "get it done!"; 2) the final item "be more awesome!"; and 3) the running commentary on which items are and are not fun. Lately my friend Sara and I have been talking about how to inject fun in our lives. Sara left me a voicemail after our dinner, asking if I thought we were on the road to becoming hedonists. I responded that "hedonism" has a negative connotation, but we are still calling each other hedonists, unabashed in our pursuit of pleasure. I want to put fun things on my list every day and every weekend. So. . . give us some inspiration. Where's the fun on your lists?


Sarah Yost said...

snuggling is on my list. nothing better than that. said...

Oh how fun! Thanks so much for posting my list, it was such a nice surprise to be going through my Reader entries and find this!

Arjun said...

Getting someone else to do all these TO-DO list will be fun!


AHP said...

Great idea for a site. I'll try to scan in one of my handwritten lists but you shouldn't discount Excel lists. I do now remember that some of the ones you posted are on Word though.


The Yankee Deb said...

I think "Be More Awesome" should be on every To Do List! The one fun thing on my list...send awkward samples to my younger brother anonymously. There is nothing funnier then watching your brother open a sample of Depends and actually question himself. :)

Princess Haiku said...

Things to Say to Sasha

1) I wish I had copies of all my lists and I would send them to you in handwriting
2) copy all old To Do lists from Princess Haiku's archives soon and send to Sasha.
3) Your blog is very original and I have had great fun making lists for you.
4) The good news is that I list all of the time now and the bad news is that I can't stop.
5) I have to end here as I need to concentrate on the chunky monkey banana ice cream
6) Be well

Princess Haiku

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Sasha,
I hope you don't mind my just dashing in with whatever list I have on my mind as I always do.

Things to do before the Chrysanthemum Festival:

1) put on 3D glasses so that the luminous dazzle of the flowers won't be blinding.
2) gently shake the dress that I wove from petals of the magenta chrysanthemum that grew in my garden.
3) put on my copper and purple tights and pull the ballet flats out of the shoe box.
4) inform my friends that I have a mysterious assignation tomorrow
5) pack flute and sheet music to play "The Flower Duet" for the chrysanthemums.
6) prepare a lunch (chocolate truffles, dark roasted oolong tea, crackers and vegan sushi.
7) bring journal to write, compose or daydream in.
8) Yes, bring the coolpix 5100 camera.
9) Promise Ono no Komache that you will send her a letter all about it afterwards.
10) write "Go Princess Haiku" in the thick dust on the car and leave by dawn.

Tracey said...

I agree with YankeeDeb. BE MORE AWESOME should be on EVERYONE'S list.

I think we all still have room for improvement right? I know I do!