Monday, April 22, 2013

Vigorously Crossed Off List

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Princess Haiku said...

Hi, Sasha. The crossed off list idea looks interesting and I will make one of those to. In the meantime this is my latest.

To Do before the UFOs Show Up on October 14th
(per Blossom Goodchild)
1) Turn off the lights so that the glow of the spaceship can be seen.
2) Take the tinfoil off of the windshield of the car so that the energy can zap.
3) Warn the neighbors.
4) Hide the cat.
5) Finish writing the ghost story.
6) Pop in the CD of "ET."
7) Prepare to go on a long, long trip..... but don't bother to pack.
8) Stop worrying immediately about the economy and the election.
9) Set up the telescope.
10) Log in to "youtube" as it's going to be fun