Monday, November 10, 2008

How to be sexy--for men

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A group of college juniors wrote this list. Ooooh, "Make eye contact, and hold it just a little longer than feels comfortable." "ASK GIRLS OUT!"

A list usually contains idiosyncratic details. This time, it's "watches." I suppose wearing a watch does make a man "knowledgeable--about the world." In this age of watchlessness, knowing the time is a good start.

How would you advise others to be sexy? Please add your own "how to be sexy" list for men and/or women in the comments.


KennethSF said...

How to be sexy (for women):

Be able to banter
Be playful in public
Be sultry in private
Be slutty in the bedroom
Be the opposite of a prima donna
Be vulnerable (without being whiny or helpless)
Be nice to the waitstaff on romantic dinner dates
Be silly
Be sweaty
Be on time
Be quirky

Gloria said...

Seconding whatever Kenneth said. If it was college boys who sat around and wrote this kind of list, there will be an uproar from the feminist.

Anonymous said...

I was the one who wrote this list and I would have to disagree with Gloria. We actually originally wrote a "sexy list" for women first...and only wrote the sexy list for men out of requests from our guy friends. The one for men just looked prettier, so thats why I sent that one in instead of the women one.

jb said...

Wonderful blog!!- Rally enjoyed my visit- thank you for the lovely photos

Anadia -Aveiro-Portugal

Princess Haiku said...

This one is a little off topic but somewhat related.

10 things to do while your heart breaks

1) Sweep the floor for falling glass shards; swish, swish swish and watch your toes.
2) cry big splashy tears on la luna while you wrap your arms around the light. You will need all the help you can get.
3) write a haiku to Ono no Komachi and mail it to her, stamped with despair and enclosed with sorrow. Go ahead; indulge yourself. You can only write one.
4) Sing your teeth into the bitter red fruit! Go ahead relish it. You bought it.
5) Listen to a Celtic lullaby; no one does sad like the Irish.
6) Deny your feelings. Deny, Decry, Decoy.
7) The decoy= Chocolat! Go ahead and eat the whole box.
8) Dance naked under moonlight because you are still alive and get to.
9) Don't allow restraint to interfere with future pursuits; the price is worth the risk.
10) Write about it and remember that no artist tolerates reality.

I suppose it needs a category of its own and I suspect most of us have been there. :)

Sasha said...

Here's our how to be sexy list for men and women. We made this list after Thanksgiving dinner and before dessert.

Know how to hula hoop, or don't be afraid to try
Know how to give a good toast, as often as possible
Don't have food in your teeth
Hygiene is hot
Want to help with the dishes
Don't be afraid to read aloud in public
Have things that are you grateful for
Be generous with your kindness
Embrace your schmaltz
Laugh often
Know how to handle your turkey
Carving the turkey--or the tofurkey--is sexy
Be able to sing upon request
Have a bookshelf with more than fourteen books on it
Casual touch while talking
Singing in the shower

KennethSF said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the Thanksgiving sexy list--especially the one about turkey carving :-P

Gloria said...

I stand corrected, Anonymous.

jasen said...

Great list. It cleanses your soul! thumb up!

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! I know the person that wrote this list. I would know that hand writing any where!


P.S. I agree men/boys need to grow some balls and actually find out what woman want.... rather than sitting around thinking they're hot sh*t because some 'hot guy' in the movie has something similar to what they have.

Anonymous said...

hayley with a mouth like urs im suprised any guys are taking u to the movies... and i dont know any guy hu thinks that their "hot shit" due to similar appearances with a guy in a film. you also have to remember that we are not the gender that buys pointless fashion and gossip magazines every week to show us what to wear and what dress size to be.

but initially cool blog!

Ben said...

Firstly i think the list is so wrong.
This is the correct list.

1. Flaunt ur best body features but also remain some degree of cool or reserved.
eg. if u have big muscles, wear a top that shows all the curves but hides the skin from view. eg. Tight fitting sweater.

2. Be a good dancer
3. Look her in the eyes like a lova would.
4. Take control of every situation with her with the aim of making her feel aroused inside.
5. You are incredibly unique, if u aint, then try to be. If you are incredibly unique, the word 'sexy' will then have a definition. If not, others will be more sexier than you and you wont believe it.
6. Sexy is defined as proportional and it does creates some form of arousal.
Make her feel butterflies in tummy as that has some relation to making her aroused.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the initial list but not sure i agree with all of the comments - i guess if you are after a quick fling then flaunting your best bits is perfect but not if you are after the real deal. lol

Make a girl Laugh, be a friend first, show respect to her and be gentle,make an effort, Be yourself, theirs nothing worse than a fake, be confident in yourself - have a shower and wear deodrant - she has probably spent at least 3 hours getting ready so thats the least you boys could do lol.

But what if you want more than just a quick fling? - no offense but how can a guy really get to know you when they are being distracted by your best bits?

I would like to think that their are guys out their that are looking for a little more from a girl than someone who just looks or acts in a sexy manner- like a girl who has self respect and a little modesty. Afterall good looks dont last but personality and confidence go a long way and are kinda sexy too.

Most woman ultimately want to be loved and respected for the woman they are on the inside.So being Sexy is perhaps only a small portion of the whole picture and its more about how you feel than what you look like.

Anonymous said...

this is funnyyy, be sexy:
be sweet.
dont curse too much.
make moves but dont be a whore.
express to her/him your love and compassion, and that youre truly into it.
but most of all, get off of the computer, stop searching how to "be sexy" and just go be yourself.
"geeky" guys are sexy in their geeky way.
"silly" girls are sexy.
blah blah blah.
but whores are gross, and they try way to hard, so just chilllll.

Angelo said...

In order to be sexy: (1.) Dont be fake....never ever act like someone else.... People can sense when someone's being real or just trying to be someone they're not. (2.) Don't be the shy person..... No one cares for someone who doesn't make even make an effort.... Be funny, be clever, and be sociable (3.) Be mysterious.... Let people know just enough about you so that they can get to know you. But don't let them know everything about you ( for example, you play guitar....don't let them know about it, because then you could surprise them) which brings me to my next step.... (4.) Don't be boastfull.... A lot of people can't stand people who Bragg too much. In fact, bragging about yourself is a sign of low self esteem.... (5.) Be remarkable.... Remarkable means; something worthy of making a remark over. So be different, be unique, and try not to imitate others ( which is kinda the same thing as being yourself ).... (6.) Volunteer.... If someone needs something don't hesitate to volunteer, but don't let people take advantage of you, and don't offer to do something every time. Volunteer in moderation.... (7.) Lastly, and this kinda contradicts what I said to begin with but.... Pretend..... If you like someone, pretend that they don't quite do it for you. But don't misunderstand what I'm saying, whenever they're talking to you, give them your full attention... Don't ignore them... In other words, treat them like they're just your friend, at least for a while, but don't wait to long....

Ann said...

Wow, I TOTALLY agree with everything on that list! It's amazing!

I've never really thought about it as a list before.

If met a guy with all, or most of those things, I would be very very attracted.

I think men have a gap in their perception of what women like in a guy.

Emo Boy said...

Look at your object of affection like you could just eat them up (this is especially nice if your are cute and sexy, not so much if you are creepy)

Austin said...

Shweet list ! I think the full list should be

Be funny- girls love funny guys and they are so much more fun to be around.

Touch- Touching seperates friends and future boyfriends ! Don't be creepy about it ,but don't be afraid to touch her when you are talking to her or hold her hand or hug stuff like that.

Teasing- A lot of people are to nice and get put in the friend category. You should tease a girl with a sly smile they love that !

Eye Contact- Girls need to feel a connection so look them in the eyes when they are talking to you at least and if you are going to approach a girl make eye contact first.

Body Language- Walk like you own the place ! Have shoulders back and don't have your hands in your pocket you need to show you are a man !

Confidence- This is the most imporatant ! You should be social and talk to everyone and just not worry about everything. Girls love when you are brave !

Other stuff- There is other stuff that is nice to know like being able to dance, playing an instrument, dressing good ,but I think the ones I listed are most imporant

and remember don't be a jerk, and have fun !

Anonymous said...

i cant belive this...u guys actually think this list is helpful to become sexy...i mean all you post here are just comments on each others post...

yeah whatever since y`all are reading this sh*t here a tip for guys if you want to be sexy just ask a girl how to be attractive in a sexy way.....who else would know better....

Anonymous said...

I have been reading these post and they are all very interesting and work for the few first date.
I have a question now though.
What if, after 3 years of relationship you realized that you are now more on a love/silly romance rather than love/sexy relationship (of course with sex activity slowing down due to that).
What do you recommend to get you sexy mood back knowing that we already know each other pretty well!

Thanks a lot, my marriage thank you too.


andrew said...

LOL squish bugs... I love it!
geeze I guess being budhist is not sexy...

Anonymous said...

To Matt,

These tips are still decent even after you are married, but the most important thing is to make your wife feel loved. Get to know her again and romance her again. I am not married myself, but my parents have been for almost girth years, and I have talked with mom about stuff like this before.
Go on spontaneous dates that you have all planned out and make her feel special. Listen to what she has to say and make her feel important. Find out the way that she gels most loved and do those things more, and she will find you more sexy.
I would suggest reading Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus, and he book Love and Repsect, as well as The Five Love Languages.