Monday, November 21, 2011

To-Do List for the Last Week of High School

Have you planned your outfits for Thursday and Friday?


Lella said...

Ahhh, I remember the days when I, too, had the foresight to plan my outfits like this.

Now I just leave all my clothes in unfolded piles around my room, and spend at least 15 minutes every morning frantically rummaging through each heap in search of potential outfits for the day. Any items that meet my selection criteria are tossed into a "shortlist" pile for further review.

(Selection criteria is based around questions like: Have I already worn it this week? Does it smell? If so, how bad? Does it need to be ironed? Does it show too much cleavage? Not enough? And, of course, the eternal question: DOES IT MAKE ME LOOK FAT?)

This selection process is followed by another 15 minutes of madness, wherein I feel compelled to try on each possible combination (sometimes more than once) before finally deciding on the winner.

But I'm not vain, I swear!!

court said...

How did she get this list to Sasha so quickly? It's only dated two days ago with outfits planned for this weekend. Didn't she still need it?

ne said...

she probably just scanned it in and emailed it

theCapitalCat said...

Wow, the end of high-school feels so long ago. All that shit that one has to do in order to feel that one has successfully graduated and moved out into the world.
I never planned my outfits though.
Well, only occasionally.
Some mornings I would just start getting dressed and putting on stuff, and a half-hour later I had on the weirdest shit. Like tiaras. And mardi-gras beads. And bangles. And three shirts. And pants and skirts. And ties. And sunglasses instead of my glasses, merely because they were cool.

Anonymous said...

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Zippy said...

Gah, man, people with good handwriting drive me nuts :)

Anonymous said...

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Belle said...

I just finished high school in Australia and its just so different over here! There is really a minimal focus of year books and photos and stuff and we didn't even get to do the gown thing! We were just all stoked to finish and be able to fully enjoy being free and being able to by booze and drive (though not at the same time!) Seriously its like she stepped right out of the OC! Different universe!

Simon said...

Took the liberty of applying your todo list to taskerous I created this list in about 10 minutes.

Here is a read-only copy Back To School - To Do List