Friday, November 11, 2011

My Five Year To-Do List, Five Years Later (On 11-11-11)

Now it is time to reflect on my five-year to-do list, five years later, on 11-11-11! My friends made this list for me one night exactly five years ago. It's Adam's handwriting, and Kenneth and Sonya contributed ideas for me. We made five-year to-do lists one night before we saw a play. Who could believe that five years have passed?

What have I done? And what awaits for 2016?

House with wrap-around porch:
Not yet, though I did find another town with wraparound porches where I would like to spend time, or even live: Asheville, North Carolina. Originally I developed a taste for houses with wrap-around porches in upstate New York when I gave a quirkyalone workshop at Omega.

Live in foreign country learn language well enough to talk in bar with loud music: Absolutely rocked this goal. In 2007, I knew no Portuguese and by 2010 I spoke fluently, even in bars with loud music, after spending six months in Brazil.

Write a horse?: Adam wrote down "write a horse?" as a trickster goal. I am writing a horse right now as I sink into writing a travel memoir about my last year of unplanned travel in South America. As I take the reins of this mystical writing project it carries me along, to where, I don't know yet.

Actively lobby outside local SF scene for reproductive rights: Instead of lobbying for reproductive rights I became an advocate for gluten-free labeling laws after being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2011.

Get married---maybe 1 kid: No. In retrospect I can see writing "maybe" next to a goal does not help to manifest it.

Sing in a choir publicly---lounge singer
: Yes. On my birthday this year I sang Chega de Saudade for the party.

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