Thursday, May 31, 2007

To-Do List for To-Do List

This is just one of the many, many to-do lists that I scratched out (on a daily basis) while I was creating the To-Do List book (out in November). Another crazier-looking to-do list for To-Do List will appear in the book's introduction.

Click on the list to view it at a larger size.


Anonymous said...

heya sasha, its about time you updated this site... :-) hope things are going well for you. take care. mjl

p.s. ive taken to using for my todo lists. its a personal wiki, so i can store all my notes about the tasks, in the same place. very handy. would have helped with your book, too. i am thinking about my next book, and will use this tool for it. take care. mjl

Sasha said...

Thank Michael. Yes, I have been busy with other stuff but now I'm getting back into the To-Do List swing of things and there will be more frequent list postings and other tidbits . . . in excited preparation for the book's release in November!

I'll check out that wiki. Anything to be more organized.

david '' said...

How hard is it to keep a todo list. I just find ticking the points off the list the hardest thing.