Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Berkeley List Slam Friday Night

Listmakers unite at the world's second-ever List Slam this Friday night. A List Slam = a Poetry Slam, but instead of poetry, people read lists. Bring a list to read or share.

Mrs. Dalloway’s

Friday, November 16, 7:30pm
2904 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA

Friday night doubles as the Berkeley release party for To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us. I'll read a selection from the book and others will read their lists.

Also on Friday: I'll be on ABC's (channel 7) The View from the Bay talk show between 3:30 and 4 pm talking about to-do lists, unique and shocking lists in the book, and what lists say about us. The segment is supposed to be the lead-in to Oprah! They stream the show live. Watch it online here.

Finally, check out this slideshow of lists from To-Do List on Glamour.com. Of course they chose some of the juiciest ones.


hellomynameisscott said...

Hey, sweet blog. Just bought the book. Congrats!

I'm a list freak. Thought you'd like this post, which is a list about lists:


keep up the good work!

Davros said...


I was just wondering if you have ever received a to do list that ended with "Commit Suicide " ?

Talk about an ordered life .

caroline jaffe-pickett said...

As a longtime keeper of lists, I congratulate you on recognizing how important they are, signifying in many cases who we really are, what our priorities are, and how important it is to "dare to dream," so to speak. Even if we have not accomplished everything on our list, as most of us rarely do, sometimes the act of writing it is significant in itself. And sometimes, I make myself an "easy" list, so I can have the satisfaction of checking off all the items! For example: "brush teeth, watch favorite tv show, talk on phone,...etc." In any case, I wrote a blog entry highlighting your new book (see link below) and wish you all the best. http://musingsbyapple.blogspot.com

Deb Sibilsky said...

Dear Sasha,
I just started MY Blog and found YOUR Blog! I put your new book's u-tube video on! I've ordered my copy!

Sasha said...

how cool deb! i will check on your blog!

and no, no lists yet with "commit suicide" on them. that would be too creepy to bear.

Sasha said...

hey musingsbyapple, thanks for the post! just checked out your blog--very cool!

chimerastone said...

Would you really what to read this list I have compiled? Spent 2 day writing it up.

I alway keep a list of things to do it gives your mind a break to focus on other things.

Sasha said...

sure, send it on! send a jpeg to todolistblog AT gmail.com