Monday, November 12, 2007

110 Things To Do Before He Dies (written 1998)

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Alex said...

Shouldn't a list like this be at least reasonably attainable? I hope this guy was 8 years old in 1998 when he wrote the list, graduated from high school at the age of 10 in 2000, earned his multiple bachelor's and master's degrees by the age of 12 in 2002, worked through his carpenter's apprenticeship immediately thereafter under the crew's nickname "college boy", and that he lives until the ripe old age of 128, so that he has plenty of time to make the documentaries, star in the films, be awarded the oscars, become fluent in all the languages, read the multitude of author's works, travel the world over multiple times, and on and on.

It's a nice list to be sure, we should all dream big. I hate to be a cynical naysayer, but my bet would be that he doesn't attain a single item on the list... except maybe to be a carpenter someday... and if he is a good and honest and hardworking carpenter, that, my friends, is enough.

Anonymous said...

This list can never be completed. #18 is impossible. Not because it's French, but it's impossible to finish learning a language.

Mystery Ranch said...

Amazing! Talk about the law of attraction! When I watched your video, I was thinking about the lists I've written just like that. (Well maybe not so long) But lists about the "to dos" for my life. When I want to feel better I write the "did" list. Yes, his is ambitious, but why not? Your blog is inspiring and his list gives us all something to think about. I just started this blog thing and I think its great. Thank you for the inspiration.

P.O.M. said...

Hmmm. I wonder how many he has been able to cross off his list.

Anonymous said...

This sounds exactly like the list a boy at my school made when he was younger -- he died last year in a car accident. I very much hope the writer of this particular list has indeed fulfilled his goals and made his life everything he wanted it to be.

Kitty Carryall. said...

Whether or not the list is attainable is irrelevant - ever heard of the quote "Dare to dream"?

GirlGoyle said...

He needs more than one life to get all that done. Good for him for dreaming big.

Sheer sheep??? Never thought of that as a goal. that's funny!

Joe Barfield said...

For what it's worth, I bet he has milked goats by now...

Joy said...

I love #37 - Grow a Canada garden.

Because we all know, that is REALLY hard to do - unless you live there.


Atheist Arnachist (but not chaos-ist) said...

116. Be realistic
117. Read other religious books
118. Realise that "God" doesn't exist as described in any book
119. Don't force others to believe in my beliefs
120. World peace!

Karen's Korner said...

All very worthy goals, I'm sure.
I like Number 88 - "cros this off when I die!"
Does he mean he will cross it off just before he breathes his last breath or he will have someone else cross it off for him?

chris said...

my favourite part is that he put 'climb ayers rock' on there twice and crossed it out later

k. guillen said...

Yeah- I love the ayers rock thing to. Especially because who knew spanish was a good substitute for rock climbing. Plus, twice means it is a goal he really believes in.

Tasha said...

I absolutely loved this list
This was my first visit to your blog and i sort of just clicked the list to see "what kind of a list would someone make?" I am so inspired! Does this fella have ablog about all the things he is doing with his life? I'd love to read that!

Tye Male said...

I really admire and respect someone who can dream this big! You go man!

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of the same items on my life's to do list...well except for that whole wife thing. I want a husband.

Mark Stock said...

carpentry is over-rated

The things on this list are attainable if you really desire to do them all. I've already done some of these things (some slightly modified)

2. go free-diving at a sunken ship
3. read the complete works of Tolkien
5. visit many countries country in the world
6. spend a night winter camping
9. bike across canada
11. ride the train around europe
12. motorbike around stkitts
26. get married
37. grow a canada garden
51. visit all 10 provinces (sleep 5 nights in each one)
52. visit 33 states
53. go on a cruise
55. learn to cut my own hair
62. write a computer program
64. create + upkeep a website
72. play hockey on a team
73. build an igloo, but I didn't sleep in it overnight!
74. learn to dive from a diving board
75. learn to do a cart wheel
78. invest in the stock market, uh, that was definitely a big mistake
82. go fishing at night in nb
83. go sailing
84. go surfing
85. go snowboarding
91. go skinny dipping with friends

I am going to add two of these items to my very short to do list...

97. arm wrestle with a wwf wrestler
because it's funny

1. Read the bible straight through.
because it's the one thing on this list I least desire to do.

Anonymous said...

i love it. there's a really cool mix of ones that can be done quick and goals that take a lot of perseverance to accomplish.

black girl said...

I find the references to Africa interesting.Kind of imperialist. Either he's "saving" Africans (which ones?) or he's learning a"dialect" I would suggest he learn one of the many languages in the many countries before he starts going into which dialect to choose from within that one language... or is the implication that Africans don't have language systems?

and pick a country even a township to "save" them via Christianity.

or don't. Please.

Anonymous said...

I like his to do list because it shows that experiences suffice certain curieousty in life. They make a person feel whole, that an experience is more important than being proficent in one thing. At least he has ideas and desires.

Anonymous said...

This is great - I hope the guy has managed to cross some of the items off his list.

Travelling in the States recently, I met someone who offered some very good advice. Rather than preparing a "To Do" List - prepare a "Life List" - it's pretty similar except a Life List has dates next to it. Otherwise if you don't force a timeline on yourself it becomes a "wish list".

Will enjoy reading the rest of this blog! said...
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neona503 said...

i just think it's hilarious how this guy is super christian, but still a real go-getter. i mean, he's not afraid to grab life by the horns. he plans on going skinny dipping with his future, yet still unknown wife. he may be pure, but he still likes to PARTY!

ShesThatOneGirl said...

How many of these people who have left comments have done a list like this? What a purpse he has! The days can quickly slip away from us if we don't make goals for ourselves. Even if they seem crazy, unrealistic, or stupid to those around us! I was inspired by this list and had a smile on my face for him. I think he would be an interesting person to know! And I would love to hear the stories behind his ability to cross each one off his list!

Joe Barfield said...

A list like this? That's a good idea.

1- Milk a goat.
2- Milk a lamb.
3- Milk a sheep.
4- Milk a groat.
5- Milk a moose.
6- Milk a wombat.
7- Milk an orangutan.
9- Milk a platypus.

AppreciateLaughter said...

Like another poster, this was my first visit to your blog. I liked this list- it was very original (such as milking an animal) and written by someone who clearly dreams big. Good for him!

Anonymous said...

There are actually 115 things to do on that list. There are 5 in the box beside the 20's.

And I admire anyone who takes the time to write such a long and creative list. :)

kam said...

He did this because it was fun and it made him happy and feel good!
And because it helped him to focus on what he wants.
I think it's great.

Taumi said...

First of all, it doesn't matter if this list is attainable or not. Sometimes its interesting to know what someone would like to do if they could do anything.

Second, I think this guy is a Seventh Day Adventist because he said he would like to read all E.G. White's writings before he dies.

Kendra said...

I don't think it is important or not whether he does complete everything on his list. I think what is important is that he sat down and decided for himself what he would like to accomplish in life. If we never decide what we want to do, we'll just keep on not doing anything. His goals show maturity, naivety, hope, realism, humor, seriousness, excitement, monotony, wonderment, mundane, and so much more. What a well rounded person he'll become, whether or not he completes his list. What a joy and inspiration it was to be able to read this list!

Val Cox said...

oh my, this one has me laughing so hard, I love his optimism. Now I must have this book!

Jeanne Dininni said...

This list is totally fascinating--and inspiring! Talk about goals! Hope he accomplishes as many of the items on his list as possible before he leaves this earth!

To-Do Lists: What a great idea for a blog!

(The only disappointing thing was that, after enlarging his list so I'd be able to read it, I couldn't get back to your blog; neither the back button nor the down arrow [URL history] button below it worked. Had to leave the site and then return to write this comment.)

Best wishes,
Jeanne Dininni

ghost said...

He forgot learning to unicycle.

V. Manohar said...

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Gabrielle said...

I'd say Joseph Conrad managed to learn English just fine.