Friday, November 09, 2007

The Mysteriously Alluring List Slam and Other List Parties, This Weekend and Next

Saturday, November 10, 8 pm
Cafe Royale
San Francisco
800 Post Street (a close walk from Powell BART)

Come be part of the world's first-ever List Slam (think poetry slam but instead of poems we'll read lists). Get your list analyzed by the world's leading to-do-list-o-lo-gist Sasha Cagen and the world's leading toDONTlistologist Cameron Tuttle. There will be drinks, merriment, mingling, and signed copies of To-Do List.

Mrs. Dalloway’s
Friday, November 16, 7:30pm
2904 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA

Hey, it will be a Friday night, what better to-do than share your to-do list with your fellow listmakers. Bring a list to read or share! See you there.

DV8 (a clothing boutique)
Saturday, November 17, 6PM – ?
1050 20th Street (between J and K streets), Sacramento
Tel: 212-620-5430
Space is limited to 150 people so please send your reservation to

Signelringen is a Swedish single ring--it's a ring for single people, designed designed to signify a person's pride in being happily single. Singleringed has invited me and other authors like Jane Ganahl, Jerusha Stewart, and Heather Estay, who write on singleness to come. Come mingle . . I'll be there and copies of Quirkyalone and To-Do List will be for sale. Come get your signed and/or your list analyzed.


Bob Gentile said...

Congrats On your TO-DO List book...

I have been a big fan of to do list & post it notes since college, such a freak about making lists that one day in college I opened up the door to my dorm room apartment and my friends BLASTED my ROOM with NOTES all over my room...

Breath Today!!

make sure I chew when I eat!

Turn water ON when taking shower!

When walking make sure I put one in front of the other!

ahhhhh good ole' college days-lol

Thanks for bringing up that was funny :-)

Best wishes on ur book!

Tigga Sublime said...

I accidentally stumbled upon this amazing web concept and I would like to say congratulations on all the attention your blog and your book are getting. I just started out here in the blogosphere and I one day hope to be as fortunate as you. I might send you some of my to do list soon because I have a ton of them. Congrats again and good luck.

Mark said...

Sasha, congratulations on publication of your book. I just found your blog today and I find it very entertaining and inspiring.

I predict a big hit for the book. I'm sure I'll pick up a copy.

Good luck,

Lauri said...

Congratulations on your book! What a fun concept!

Sasha said...

thanks all! i appreciate your congrats. hope you'll keep coming back. . . i'm planning some new fun things for list lovers that i'll be able to post about next week!!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Greetings from Everett (now a suburb of Seattle)!

` Sadly I am having trouble reading your blog.
` To-do list: remove cat from front of computer monitor...
` Ah, that's better already!

` That's wonderful you actually have a book of to-do lists! You can see what's going on in other people's heads! (And I disagree with the young gamer/whatev - I think 'Bread Boy' is a cool screen name! :D)
` I quite enjoyed a similar book - only it was full of bizarre legal documents, from the note written by a very polite bank robber to GWB's dental records. (Wow- his teeth are worse than mine!)
` My fav was the one about the report on how the crud was beaten out of the poor sickly boy at a summer camp - it goes on and on and on!!
` In fact, I think I saw your book in a bookstore next to that book. I hope sales are going well!

Sharyna said...

Congrats on the book! Who'd a thunk ta do lists would make the top 10?


Kris Cahill said...

Wow, I am a certified list-o-holic and I just found your blog. What a glorious thing to find! Will you be coming to LA with your list show? I'd love to have my lists analyzed by a certified list-o-logist.

I wish you great success with your book! I will be sure to look for it.

Sasha said...

Hey, would love to come LA. Right now the plans are just for the Bay Area but certainly would love to be a touring todolistologist!

Kris Cahill said...

If you do, please let me know!