Friday, November 09, 2007

A Sneak Peek Inside The Book

These images are low-res so it's hard to read the stories behind the lists, but trust me, they are riveting! The caption beneath the second list reads "What your therapist is really writing while you talk." That may be my favorite line. I just wanted to show you a little about what the book actually looks like inside. It's full-color throughout and you can see all the cross-offs, checkmarks, even the different color pens people use when they are in a dialogue with themselves.

My friend Sara Cambridge the designer took incredible care with this project and I have to say it's really a pretty book. I am working on getting better images so you can see the text more clearly here. But of course you'll want the real thing (signed copy?) for the full voyeurlistic experience.


Michael said...
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pdxWoman said...

Thanks to the list author for sharing. I am studying to (hopefully) become a psychologist, and frequently think I'm the only one in the world who has these sorts of fears. Rationality obviously plays no part in that thought, but trying to tell myself I'm being irrational isn't as effective as seeing this list! Thanks again.