Sunday, November 11, 2007

Photos from the World's FIRST-EVER List Slam

Here are photos from Saturday night's To-Do List Book Launch Party! The evening's highlight was without a doubt the world's first-ever List Slam. Instead of reading poetry, people read lists. Thirteen people participated. About half brought lists they had already written (a few read lists published in the book) and the other half wrote their lists on the spot at the "List-Writing Station." Before reading them, some lucky listmakers had theirs analyzed by a certified todolistologist.

Among the highlights: hearing contributor Jennifer Colvin read her list "Before Getting Pregnant," Adam Dingle reading "Things No One Ever Knew About Me Before Tonight," a woman whose name I didn't catch reading "Reasons I'm Over Mike" and Stephen Elliott reading a list evoking his first days of moving to San Francisco. KennethSF wrote up his List Slam experience here--head to his blog for a full account.

There will be another List Slam this coming Friday evening, November 16, at 7:30 in Berkeley at Mrs. Dalloway's, so if you missed this one come to the next. I predict a List Slam craze sweeping the nation. Check back soon for instructions on how to throw your own.

Sonya Worthy, one of the two certified todolistologists, who analyzed lists at the party

Sasha reading from her introduction to the Daily Lists chapter, confessing that she often writes "lunch" on her lists

Nell reads a list about why she hates library school and is terrified of becoming a librarian (oddly enough, Jessy Randall contributed a list to the book touching on a similar theme). Now that Jessy's through library school, though, she loves her job.)

Matt Kelly reads a list of 60-odd things that annoy him. CSI seemed to consume at least 10% of his list. We told him to stop watching so much television.

Stephen Elliott reads--author of Happy Baby and other books, he's a great writer and performer

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KennethSF said...

Hi! I had so much fun at the List Slam. I think the impromptu list-making exercise that night and your book may have turned me into a born-again list maker. Talk to you soon!