Monday, November 12, 2007

To-Do List Contest: The Craziest List

To celebrate the book's release, I'm sponsoring a contest: The Craziest List. Send in your craziest to-do lists (real authentic lists that you wrote or found in the course of everyday life, please, nothing constructed for publication). I'm interpreting to-do list broadly for the contest, just as I do for the book. . . so this could mean life list, ideal mate list, possible goldfish names, etc. Handwritten lists are preferred. "Crazy" doesn't mean you are insane. However, "crazy" can mean the entire list, the length of the list, the title, or a single odd item on it. Sometimes the most intriguing lists are entirely banal and mundane until the eye gets to that very cryptic item.

Here's how it works: Send a scanned jpeg of your list to todolistblog AT by December 3. Please write "CRAZIEST LIST CONTEST:" in the subject line before the title you give your list. Readers of will vote on the winners.

The prizes will be a grab bag of awesome books from my publisher Simon & Schuster, including, of course, a signed copy of To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us. You'll also win a copy of Found and Mortified, two other amazing "reality" books that allow a sneak peek into our everyday lives.


~Angela~ said...

Is there a limit to how many you submit? I have a book of lists that I started in 2002... And a lot of them are weird.

~Angela~ said...

I went ahead and sent a bunch in one e-mail. I hope that's okay.

F. said...

Just a comment:
As a lawyer, I was doing a document review once, for a complex litigation case, with lots of boring financial documents, and emails between Co. execs. Well, here lo and behold, was a to-do list "before I go on vacation," by one of the execs. On the list, along with the usual list of typical things you would do before a vacation, there was" "roll joints!" That was a refreshing break from a tedious job.

Sasha said...

that's a great story/great find.