Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mixing up the Holidays with a List Slam

That's me (Sasha), reading at the first-ever List Slam at Cafe Royale in San Francisco; you don't need a microphone for your own intimate Slam

Tired of the same old mistletoe and ugly Christmas sweater-themed holiday parties? Why not throw a last-minute List Slam, whether for Christmas, or even, better, the New Year? Tonight I am bringing the List Slam concept to my extended family. They are confused now, and calling me--Ummm, what's a List Slam? Do I need to prepare? But I bet they are going to love it.

A List Slam is like a poetry slam, but instead of poetry, people read lists: to-do and otherwise. It's a way to get inspiration for your own lists and to get to know your friends and family better Take a peek at their lists as they read them aloud. It could be an everyday to-do list, or a list of things to do over your lifetime. A list of places to visit before you die, or things that no one knows about you. It could be pretty much anything, even a wish list for Santa. Maybe Santa will hear you!

To get a sense of what happens at a List Slam, check out this blog post about a List Slam I held at a San Francisco bookstore earlier this year:

I'll post photos from the event. Think about organizing a New Year's List Slam--you may even feel more accountable for your goals and dreams if you read them aloud!


Mozart said...

hey, as a poet, andsomeone who is really interested in self development, list slam sounds awesome terrific!

Princess Haiku said...

Sasha, you are as lovely as talented; not surprising.

Here is my latest to do list. Off topic as usually.

your itinerant to do list maker.
Princess Haiku

To do list before the solar elcipse 2009

1) pull the washtub into the snowy yard to collect returning light
2) leave a dancing snow angel behind, first impressions you know
3) pull hair into elegant chigon with metallic silver comb
4) open a bottle of cranberry fizzy and fill the fountain
5) quick pull off the wrapper of the new yellow folder
6) fetch Helene's mont blanc pen
7) dip into spirit ink
8) write the first ten pages of the new prose novel in silence
7) just wait, just wait, just wait, until the first spill of new light
8) when the selkie pelt rearranges secrets
9) then jump into the white tub
10) and bathe in Aquarian light

Jane said...

Sasha - I work as a writer in residence at a UK prison. Yesterday I took your book in and we used one of the lists to warm-up.
It was the most popular warm-up ever!