Friday, December 19, 2008

Just Saying Yes Goes Hollywood with Yes Man

This is one of the lists I featured in To-Do List. At the time I was editing the book, I discovered the book Yes Man, and I had a feeling that this whole "just say yes" thing was going to hit the mainstream, and now, here is the Hollywood take on the "just say yes" phenomenon in the form of a Jim Carrey movie.

Have you seen Yes Man? Ever tried saying yes to EVERYTHING? Plan to write it on your New Year's list this year? Please share in the comments.


Maral Tabrizi said...

loved your blog

Bruno LoGreco said...

Great blog - I found you on indeed - I feel the urge to blog about new year resolutions and a to-do-list. But, with a twist.

Be back soon,

Vic said...

I have already watched the Yes Man. And it's a life-changing story which is filled with lessons in life. I think we really gotta need to be honest, seriously.