Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Five-Year To-Do List

Click on the list for a larger view.

This list was written in November 2006, and it's a five-year to-do list, hence I have three years left to cross everything off. My friends Sonya, Kenneth, and Adam made it for me (after interviewing me). We did the same thing for everyone that night. I've managed to accomplish half of the second item (the new language learned: Portuguese). I hope to accomplish the other half of the second item soon. The rest of it remains to be seen. It's going to be a busy, exciting three years, writing horses (whatever that means) and looking at houses with wraparound porches.


rahuldeodhar said...

very interesting - personal list was refreshing.

how are you faring on it?

Sarah Yost said...

Wow! On such fancy paper too!

Sasha said...

How am I faring on the list?

1. The house with the wraparound porch seems quite distant, but I'm keeping the faith this will materialize.

2. I've made significant process on this one. I learned Portuguese this year and even well enough to speak it in a crowded bar in Rio with loud music. Now I just have to live in Rio.

3. Write a horse? I still have no clue what this means, but an interpretation will come to me.

4. Lobbying for reproductive rights? Hmmm, I just rented Lake of Fire, which is about abortion politics. Maybe I should actually watch it.

5. Get married, maybe one kid. This part also seems distant, but I (try to) have faith.

6. Best-selling book. I have two books that have sold well, not best sellers yet, but anything could happen.

7. Sing in a choir/lounge singer--this just needs to happen. At the least, I have already sung karaoke, and will continue to.

KennethSF said...

Oh, I remember this list! LOL! I must admit, I haven't had much luck on my list either--particulaly on that lofty aim to write a screenplay for Drew Barrymore.

mannamae said...

lol... I just wrote mine this morning. Turned 29 today and it seemed the thing to do. Most of mine are to be accomplished within this year...

Anonymous said...

Here is my list of to do things. Have a look at it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the writer is really ignorant or was really drunk and meant... RIDE a horse?