Monday, December 08, 2008

Tis the Season for Making Lists

Whether it's a year-end list of accomplishments or a list for Santa, or simply a list of things to get done before December 25, December is truly the month for making lists, only to be outdone by the more contemplative and ambitious listyness of January.

In honor of list season, I invite you to send me your holiday lists. Please send me scans (ideally) or photos by December 18, and I'll post some of the best on the blog for a holiday list-off. The most stunningly holiday list--as determined by votes in the comments--will win a copy of To-Do List.

In the meantime, here's a post "On Christmas Wish Lists" that I wrote last year. I feel like I have really matured, because this year, in light of the economic meltdown and perhaps because we three kids are finally growing up, my family is embracing a new ritual that is far less greedy. Oh sorry day to say goodbye to the greedy Christmas list!

Happy December listmaking!

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MAt said...

I made a list of all the people i am giving gifts so i will not forget...the list includes possible gift i will also not waste time thinking while shopping.